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About Ask.FM APK

Ask.FM APK is a social networking site originally based in Riga, Latvia. It is of a Question and Answer (Q&A) format, launched back in 2010 by brothers IIja & Mark Terebin along with their co-founders Oskars Liepiņš, Klāvs Sinka and Valērijs Vešņakovs. Within 3 years of launch in 2013, the website had registered 65 million users and had 300k new users per day thanks to their website feature of letting users, mainly consisting of teenagers ask questions anonymously.

Ask.FM subsequently launched its Android app on 21st January 2013 worldwide, their iOS app in US on 24th May 2013 and on 17th June 2013 they released the iOS app worldwide.

Later in 2014, Ask.FM was bought by InterActiveCorp (IAC) who also owns but it later sold the website to Noosphere Ventures, an international asset management firm based out in California.


  1. Its USP- Anonymity

The site and obviously also its app lets users Anonymously ask questions. An account holder can socialize with their friends on the website and talk about absolutely anything. One can even ask his/her friend an anonymous question. Anytime a user is adding a question on the website, it gives a check box right below on the left hand corner, asking if the user wants to ask the question Anonymously or Openly (i.e. the question would show your name next to it). User has no restrictions on use of either of the options.

  1. Follow anyone  Again anonymously

Another feature on the website is something you don’t find on other social networking websites and that is to follow someone anonymously. But one doesn’t have to enable or disable an option to tweak this feature, it is completely in-built with no option to change it.

Once a person creates an account, he/she will be able to see the number of followers but can’t view who exactly follows him/her. This feature gives the leverage to a user to wants to secretly follow their crush or know someone they like better without revealing themselves.

  1. Non-monitoring

Most of the social media websites often monitor their user accounts but this is not the case with Ask.FM. Even though they have a team of moderators but those are just to monitor the questions and answers that are being reported by some users. So unless anyone has reported anything, no monitoring of any kind takes place on this website.

  1. Shoutouts

Shout-outs is a unique feature of Ask.FM, wherein a user can ask a question either openly or anonymously but to people around them. Let’s see how it’s done-

Firstly, the user after logging into their account, click on the “Plus” sign on the top right corner

Next, you need to select the third option, Shoutout.

Then, you would see an option similar to what it shows when you try to ask a question, only this time, when you ask a question, it will be to people near you.


The anonymity of this app lets the users, which mostly consisted of teenagers or young adults to know people around them or far away a bit better through Q&A format. It lets them share their own thoughts on things happening around them without being in fear of being judged inappropriately. It gives them the leeway to talk about everything under the roof without any inhibitations.

This very own feature of anonymity is also a cause of concern due to increasing cases of bullying by the users along with some cases of terrorist outfits who hide behind the veil of anonymity and directing such damaging content at teenagers. And since they are anonymous, there is no option to find the perpetrator. This particular issue was rather criticized back in 2013, when a few cases of suicides by teens were reported in UK and other parts of Europe, with Hannah Smith case being the frontrunner for the cause of concern. The then UK PM, David Cameron had even asked Ask.FM “to clean up its act”.

Ask.FM was quick to respond and stated that they had given all the data to the relevant authorities and doesn’t promote suicide, bullying, sexual violence through their website. Also since then, the website had upped their security measures and increased the number of moderators to keep up with the reports issued by the users.

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