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Dauntless APK is one of the best RPG games today and is mainly for a gamer who loves adventure. It is a free online game that is attracting more and more people with its graphics and interesting gameplay. Players play the role of slayer who is required to fight against Behemoths who are monsters.

The game will take you to the story where survival would become very difficult. Every increasing level will have something new for you and thus excitement sustains through the game.

The whole crafting of the game is quite interesting and players would also be equipped with powers and weapons to fight against monsters. To win the game it is very important to come through all obstacles and this is where you will learn how to work against all the evils.

This game was previously available for consoles but growing popularity has forced developers to launch for the mobile version.

Game Summary

Size62 MB
Updated TimeApril 29, 2016
RequirementsAndroid 4.4+ and up
RatingRated for 3+

How to download Dauntless APK?

You can get the app in your device by following the given steps:

  • First, you need to download the apk file from the below download link and store it at some particular location.
  • Go back to the folder where your apk file is been downloaded. Click on the file to start the installation process.
  • You are required to go through some verification process while installation and after this your apk will start the process.
  • Once the app is being installed successfully don’t open the app directly.
  • Start the app from the icon launcher which is present in your home screen to start the adventurous trip.

Screenshots of the Game

The Gameplay

The gameplay of Dauntless APK is quite easy to understand but it’s you and skills that can help to survive against monsters. There are shifting pillars, leaping fireballs, monsters who will make your survival difficult in the game. These monsters are equipped with different powers and so it is very important to understand them before battling them.

Players would also be equipped with weapons and other powers that can help to fight against all such obstacles. You can attack monsters with virtual buttons like flap, fire, and dash. These buttons are limited and you need to collect gems to refill it so one must use it wisely.

Fire button helps dauntless to shoot a fireball while the flap button can give the boost that would help to fly over the obstacles. The dash button allows moving through cracked pillars and tight gaps. There are different weapons like sword, chain blades, hammered that proves very helpful to fight against monsters.

AS you master the level and get an idea regarding imps it becomes easy to win the game. Four types of imps are quite a different form each other and s players are required to tackle them accordingly. The difficulty level in the game keeps on increasing as you move forward and this is one of the main reasons why gamers spend hours playing the game.

Features Of the Game

  1. Dauntless APK is an adventurous game where you will fight against different enemies and survive against them.
  2. Collectibles and weapons would help to fight against monsters and help to save mankind.
  3. The graphics of the game are the same as console and thus you will feel as if you are playing on Xbox or plays station. The soundtrack adds more effect in the game and feels as if you are battling against monsters.
  4. User-friendly interface and easy gameplay have made it possible for gamers of all ages to play dauntless. The virtual buttons and control are easily accessible that helps to survive the game.
  5. As the player progresses in the game and gets mastery they will be rewarded for all their activity. These rewards can make it easy to progress the game and also make easy survival.

Gamers who are looking or some adventurous trip can find Dauntless APK appropriate for them. You are working as saviors and thus fighting against monsters who are here to destroy mankind. Weapons, virtual buttons, weapons are the reasons that make the gameplay quite interesting.

One who loves battle games will enjoy dauntless to the fullest and each increasing level will have some new surprise for you. If you also want to accompany this adventurous trip, install the game in your device and start helping mankind against monsters.

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