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Eba Indir Apk is a step towards achieving Turkey’s 2023 Education vision. It is a digital education platform developed by the ministry to reform the education system of the country and change the way students study. It gives the teachers, as well as the students, access to various kinds of modes of education to help understand the concept or clear some doubts they may have.

About Eba Indir Apk

Educational Information Network (EBA) is an educational portal for both students and teachers offering digital education content, ranging from videos to games, dictionaries, magazines, audiobooks, e-books, etc. The app brings the education not only to your doorsteps but also to your phones.

It enables the user to learn through various methods and also provides different ways to revise or revisit the chapters or topics they studied. Once a student signs up to the app, they get to choose what all topics that want to learn about and the same shows on their library.

Eba Indir Apk

The interface of the application is somewhat similar to Facebook, with a list of functions on the left list such as Wall, EBA Portfolio, Lessons, Exams, Library, my work, calendar, and Groups to navigate the app easily.

How To Download The Eba Indir Apk?

Downloading the application is very easy.

  • ANDROID: Log in to the Play Store and type Eba Indir Apkand click on Install.
  • iPhone and iPad: Similar to Androids, all you need to do is log in to the iTunes store and search for EBA and click on Get.


One of the most important features of the app is that the teachers can easily access the apps, create e-content along with sharing and exchanging the content with others on the platform. Another great feature of the app is that it is periodically reviewed and updated.


One of the key features for the students is the lesson dashboard. The dashboard lists the different subject-wise classification of the subjects and topics selected by the students. When the students click on the subjects, it shows the digital data available on the subject according to the grade the student is in.


Another important feature of the app is it’s EBA Portfolio which enlists the graphs of the data about the work done by the student. It marks all the activities done by the students and prepare different sets of data such as Performance, a calendar marking the number of activities done on each day, Projects done and pending along with the student’s participation and successes. At the very top of the Portfolio, it shows the crest that the student has achieved through his interaction on the app.


This feature is key to student’s success as it enlists the reports of the tests taken by the students and the detailed analysis of the exam taken by the student.


It is an amazing initiative for the Turkey Education Ministry to not only use technology to develop the country but also to change the way the country educates its youth. It is by far the best education app one has come across that is completely compatible with the school curriculum as well.

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