Mau Cash Apk [Free Latest Version] 2020 Android, iOS & PC

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About Mau Cash Apk

Mau Cash Apk is the online loan providing application and it is launched by the PT Astra Welab Digital Arta. The app is beneficial for people who need financial help and do not want to possess a long process of the loan. With the use of the application, you can easily grab the loan as you have will need some documents.

It is the money landing app with online features and allows users to apply for a loan with a comfortable nature whenever they want. Even the record requirement of the app is very simple and easy. As you have to simply use the-KTP and one documents to grab the loan amount. Once you have applied for the loan and it has been accepted then you will get amount directly to the account.

If you do not possess the account then you can grab the amount from the Mau Cash associate office without any hassle. The app also provides a very easy method to possess the loan and conveniently submit the amount to the account. The application also offers safe and secure usage as it is registered with the Financial Services Authority and Indonesia Joint Funding Fintech Association.

With the use of an app, people do not need to visit the bank many times. Now you can easily possess the loan by sitting in the comfort of the home and in just one click people can solve the issue of finance. Developers have created the app with a simple and user-friendly interface. This way, users can enjoy a loan facility with ease without stressing mind.

Mau Cash Apk
Mau Cash Apk

The Apk also offers a variety of features and it is the reason people opting the app at large quantity. All people want to enjoy a comfortable and simple lifestyle. With the use of the app, you can easily opt for this type of lifestyle without any hassle.

Summary Of the APK

NameMau Cash - Kredit Pinjaman Uang Cash Online
DeveloperPT Astra Welab Digital Arta
RequirementsAndroid 4 and above
Updated TimeJan 07, 2020
RatingRated for 4+
App Package

Key features of Mau Cash Apk

Now it is time to know about the features offered by the Mau Cash Apk. In the app, you can explore a variety of features with ease.

  • Free

The very first feature of the app is its free cost expenses. It means when you are in need of money or loan than without spending a single penny can opt help while using the application. When you grab a private loan then you have to pay an extra amount to the person that automatically increases the interest of the loan. But with the app, you can easily save your money and spend them during need.

  • Easy to use

The Mau Cash Apk also offers the simple and easiest function of it. This way, you do not need to feel complexity while using the app. For applying for the loan you have to simply submit the necessary documents and it is the verification of the person. This also assures that the person applied for the loan is genuine or not.

  • Get a free and instant loan

We know that financial help can be arises anytime so the app offers instant loans without wasting time. It means now people do not need to wait for a long time. Even with the use of the app, you can also grab free of cost loan means no payment of the interest. When people opt for a loan from private then their increases become high than the loan amount. This situation becomes risky and stressful but with the app usage, you can apply for a loan at free without taking stress.

  • 100% safety guaranteed

We know that many people doubt that such type of loan providing app is genuine or fake. So to make them feel relaxed the app also offers government permission and a registered app. It is the app that directly works under the government association. This way, people do not need to worry about security and it also keeps personal details of the person safe from the third party.

  • Advanced Graphics

It is the Mau Cash Apk that also offers advanced graphics features so that people feel relaxed while using it. The app gets updated on time so that users can enjoy the loan facility with ease. With the advanced graphics features, you do not need to feel complex while using it. This also makes understanding about the features offered by the app to make financial help convenient.

Direct Download Link Of the Application

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