Pokemon Home Apk Download 2020 For Android & iOS Mobile

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Store your collection of Pokémon

The official Pokémon company has come up with a new cloud-based app which is Pokémon home that serves as a medium between different Pokémon games. Today Pokémon games are in demand because of gameplay and graphics which means more and more people are playing it.

But it becomes difficult to manage Pokémon among different game sand so to make it easy Pokémon home was developed. This gives you an option to store all the collected Pokémon at one place and thus use it interchangeably in different games.

Apk Details

NamePokémon Home APK
DeveloperThe Pokemon Company
Size70.04 MB
Updated Time2020-02-18

RequirementsAndroid 5.0+ & UP
RatingRated for 12+


Pokemon Home Apk is not a game but works as the link which will connect different Pokémon games that are been played on multiple platforms. This is an app that offers cloud service to users as they can accumulate all collected Pokémon on the cloud and use it interchangeably while playing different games.

You are not only having an option to change characters while playing multiple games but also can use it on multiple platforms. Currently, the app is compatible between Mobile and Nintendo Switch means you can collect Pokémon from any device and get it stores in the Pokémon home app.

The app is not only about collecting Pokémon but also is a community where experienced trainers can help to catch Pokémon and share their personal experience. If you have not done trading before this is the opportunity as Pokémon home allows you to trade collected Pokémon with worldwide players.

Isn’t all this fun as you are enjoying playing different Pokémon games but also get more interested to collect all of it in the Pokémon home app.

Screenshots Of the Game

Features Of Pokemon Home Apk

  • Pokemon Home Apk is a cloud-based app that will help you to store all your collected Pokémon at one palace. It becomes easy to bring Pokémon that you have collected in the Pokémon core series to your home app and thus manage it easily.
  • It is possible to select collected Pokémon form this app to any Pokémon games. It means this app is compatible with multiple Pokémon games.
  • Players who have good collections in their Pokémon home app can also trade it with worldwide players. You can go for trading where you can get some benefits for other games.
  • Challenges and mystery gifts are on your way while using Pokémon home that will keep you engaged for hours.
  • If you can have a good collection of Pokémon in this app, you can complete National Pokedex. This would help you to get detailed information like moves and skills of different characters.

Steps to install the app

If you are also playing different Pokémon games but willing to try something new go for Pokémon home. Pokemon Home Apk can be installed by following the givens process:

  1. Download the apk file from the below download link and store it at some particular location in your device.
  2. Before starting the installation process, you need to make changes in the device and so go to android settings -> security-> Enable “Unknown Sources”.
  3. Go back to the download folder and click on the link to start the installation process.
  4. Wait for few minutes to get a successful installation and start using the app.

Pokémon home is one of the best apps today for people who are playing Pokémon games. Players can have a collection of Pokémon which they can use in playing games or even trade with other players to have fun. It is possible to use rare Pokémon in games which no one can expect and thus it makes your gaming more enjoyable and interesting.

Currently, the Pokemon Home Apk is available in a free and premium version so players can opt for the one according to their requirement. SO, if you also spend a good time playing Pokémon just download this app and make your gaming more interesting.

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